Sharon McLean

Conveyancing Manager

Sharon is the driving force of our conveyancing team. With an extensive background in Queensland conveyancing, Sharon is ready to guide you through your property journey.

Sharon is a conveyancing manager with vast experience in the Queensland property industry. Sharon’s hard work and dedication to her clients has forged her a reputation of offering exceptional service, as well as achieving extraordinary results.

Sharon is experienced in managing a large variety of matters – so is ready to assist you in any circumstance. She is able to tailor her conveyancing advice to suit your personal needs – as she knows that each client’s situation is different and requires significant care and attention, given it is one of the most important financial decisions that you will ever make.

Sharon has a can-do attitude and has a fantastic track record for completing settlements successfully on time in a way that best legally protects her clients from the risks that are associated with property purchases and sales.

Sharon goes above and beyond the usual role expected of her. She is routinely available outside of usual business hours to review contracts and provide advice, as she wishes to ensure that her clients and referrers achieve the result that they are striving toward. She is well-known for providing advice on the morning of a Saturday auction or in the evening after an open home – so that her clients have a competitive advantage in submitting offers to sellers when other buyers cannot – as these other buyers are waiting for their conveyancing manager to be available the following business day.

Sharon has always maintained a high level of care when dealing with her matters to the point that she empathises with the stress and pain that they experience during the conveyancing process. She is especially empathetic with clients when a matter is terminated.

Sharon is dedicated, hard working, conscientious and strives to go above and beyond the industry standard of a conveyancing manager.

Whilst a lot of other conveyancers leave the stress of a release of mortgage for their sellers, Sharon’s attitude is: “If I have the form, I will ask the seller to complete it, but I will then take ownership of the process by personally submitting the form to my client’s bank”. This in turn enables Sharon to have full control of your sale – taking a great deal of stress off you.

Sharon is aware that the stress of buying or selling a property is very extensive. Therefore, let Sharon’s years of experience and dedication take the stress away from your property purchase or sale.

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Sharon is the driving force of our conveyancing team. With an extensive background in Queensland conveyancing, Sharon is ready to...

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