Michele Cherry

Conveyancing Manager

Michele Cherry is a dedicated and passionate conveyancing manager who thrives on creating exceptional customer experiences. With a strong background rooted in the philosophy that customer service is not just a job but a part of you, Michele has maintained her unwavering desire to demonstrate what it means to go above and beyond for clients.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Michele developed a strong sense of community and a genuine interest in understanding people’s needs. These values, coupled with her innate communication skills, naturally led her to becoming a leader in her previous career, commercial finance.

Michele’s vast experience in commercial and property finance over her working career has assisted in her honing her abilities in various roles.  Her past experience has seen her working as a National Director, where she consistently left clients with a lasting positive impact.

Michele’s experience in finance provides her with a competitive advantage that very few conveyancing managers have. This asset enables her to interact with banks and financiers using “their language”. This in turn results in her achieving the best possible result from the client’s perspective – as a large proportion of client stress during a property purchase or sale is caused by a bank or financier not being ready to settle on time.

Known for her warm and approachable demeanour, Michele has a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Her genuine interest in others and strong empathy allow her to not only address concerns but to also anticipate and exceed her clients’ expectations.

Michele’s passion for Yoga enticed her to dedicate her free time to studying this further and she is now a fully accredited Yoga & Meditation teacher. This makes her a perfect calmness during any property storm. Her air of stability and focus is a great asset for the Welcome Home Conveyancing team – as she is able to keep her composure and ensure that she achieves the best legal outcome for her clients.

As a Conveyancing Manager at Welcome Home Conveyancing, Michele will always take the time that you need to talk through what the steps of what will happen during your property journey.  Michele will answer any questions that you have and guide you along the way.

Michele oversees the conveyancing team and watches each settlement with a trained eye, giving attention to each client so as to ensure that the end result is both timely and well positioned – enabling your settlement to occur smoothly and seamlessly.

We encourage you to reach out to Michele on the details below.

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